Cancellation Frequency Asked Questions

By cancelling your Deal Quokka VIP Club subscription the following will occur:

#1 – You’ll stop future Deal Quokka VIP Club payments.
#2 – You will immediately lose access to the VIP Club dashboard and all future VIP updates.
#3 – Your software accounts will be permanently disabled within 14 days.
#4 – You can continue to use deals that you have already downloaded or purchased separately.

We allow VIP Club members who would like to continue their membership to subscribe to our special monthly subscription plan to keep all the benefits that they get with the Deal Quokka VIP Club at a cheaper monthly rate. 

The annual membership is cheaper on a per-day rate, whereas our monthly subscription is better for users who do not want a lump-sum annual subscription. 

Your account/s will be permanently disabled for each software that you’ve redeemed as part of the Deal Quokka VIP Club. You will continue to receive access and updates for Deal Quokka products that you’ve purchased separately.

If you absolutely need to cancel your membership but still want access to any of the accounts assigned to you, we will give you the best possible buy-out price for those specific accounts. 

If this is the case, You MUST contact us before cancelling through the chat widget. 

No. Ifyou cancel your subscription you cannot resubscribe in the future. 

Instead, you can purchase deals at the normal price. 

Also note that the VIP Club price is subject to change at a future date. Currently you are a one of our early founder users – so you are currently paying the best price.