Are you sick and tired of putting all of the effort into creating an amazing product only for deal-sites to take advantage of you?

It’s a similar scenario, think about it...

Your The One That...

Puts Hundreds Of Hours Creating The Product

Your The One That...

Takes Every Aspect Of The Financial Risk

Your The One That...

Provides All Material and Information

And what exactly do you get in return?

You only get between 10% - 50% of the commission - even though your doing the majority of the work!

They dilly-dally to pay out your deserved earnings - in some cases they may even never payout at all.

They change the price and offer absurd discounts to your product without your prior permission, so you get even less earnings while they can pocket a quick-buck.

They don't provide basic support so you have to constantly provide customer support to their customers, if you don’t reply in time, then bad luck since they will just pocket your earnings.

It takes hours in back and forth conversation to get the deal published and they constantly are needing new information from you.

Some websites don't offer you a solution to track sales - so you just have to take their word on how many sales you made.


Become A Vendor & Sell Your Products On Our Marketplace!

100% Free To Join - No Lock-in - Unlimited Earnings Potential With 70% Commissions

70% Commissions

Yeah, trust us, we get it, your sick of only getting 10 - 50% from each sale. Deal Quokka knows exactly who and what fuels the backbone of our business, i.e., you and your deals, so you will be rewarded generously with unheard of 70% commissions from each sale.

While Our Website Grows
Your Profit Grows

Since Deal Quokka is the new kid on the block, your sales will only grow more and more with evergreen high-targeted traffic being directed to your deal. Eventually we plan to have thousands of third-party vendors selling products with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

24/7 Vendor Dashboard With Notifications

Once you sign up and your deal is approved, you will get your own vendor dashboard where you can easily track your sales and earnings. You also have the ability to get an email every time you earn a commission.

Vendor Manager

You can contact your vendor manager in your vendor dashboard if you have aboulsty any queries and you can expect a guaranteed response in less than 24 hours.

We Can Setup Your Deal

If you’ve published your deal on other deal platforms or your own website, we can take all of the information and setup and publish your deal for you. You just need to give us the delivery link and we’ll do everything else. We will also make the banner and optimize the SEO.

Hands Free Income

Your deal will be included as part of our promotion to over 50,000+ email subscribers and over 30,000+ Facebook users will view.

Submit Your Product

It Only Takes 3 Minutes!

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Please use this from to submit your product:

Please note: Our VIP Club Members get standard 25% discount off of each deal.
If you sell the deal for $20, VIP members get it for $15.

Submit Your Product

Submit your product using the form below to start selling it through the Deal Quokka marketplace once approved.

Sales With No Upfront Costs

Vendors will get 70% from each sale with no upfront costs or fees. Your product will be put on our marketplace.

Vendor Dashboard

You can easily manage your promotion and view sales/stats through your vendor dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the details we will need from you:

  • Title
  • Deal Description
  • Preview Image (Our designer can make the banner)
  • Normal Price
  • Deal Price
  • Any Related Graphics/Images
  • Delivery Link or ZIP File 
  • PayPal Email Address for payments (or alternate option) 


Here are optional but recommended:

  • Sales Video
  • Demonstration Video
  • Testimonials
  • Sales Page URL
  • Changelog
  • FAQ Section
  • Any Additional Information

It is 100% free to sell your products in the Deal Quokka marketplace. We will never ask for any payments or fees ever. We take a small commission from each sale.

You will get paid either through PayPal or Payoneer or an alternate payment method if these are not available in your country. (Skrill, RazorPay etc) 

  • All payments are processed on the 15th of each month. 
  • There is no minimum payout threshold – if you earn $1 you get $1. 
  • Your payment may take an additional 3 days to verify traffic sources and sales are genuine to avoid fraud. 
  • Your earnings will be paid to you in US dollars and you are responsible for all costs of currency conversion relating to your earnings. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge you additional fees (we don’t control either the conversion rates or your financial institution’s fees).

To account for refunds, all payments will be sent 30 days after the initial payment.



If you have a sale on the 1st of February, you will receive the payout for this sale on the 15th of March. (30 days for refund, and the next payout is on the 15th of March) 


Please note: We do not provide payments through Bank Transfer.

For obvious legal reasons, we can’t guarantee how much money you will make by selling your products on Deal Quokka.

Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  Since selling on Deal Quokka is free, there is no inherent risk of loss of capital, however, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


The amount of earnings depends on how well your product is received by our visitors. Some deals will perform better than others, it is dependent on what our users are looking for.


Here’s some tips:

  • Unique software (SAAS) deals tend to outperform all other deals
  • Deals under $20 sell very well. Above $50 is when deals do not perform as well. 
  • Multi-bundle deals (four in one graphics bundle as an example) sell well. 

If your product is lower in quality and higher in price compared to your competitors then your deal will most likely not perform very well.


You can always contact us to lower your deal price or add additional bonuses/resources to your deal to get the most out of your promotion.

Our top vendors have 1,500+ sales.


This submits your product to the Deal Quokka Marketplace which is separate from the Deal Quokka VIP Club.


Deal Quokka VIP Club members will receive a standard discount on your product to encourage them to purchase the deal, but will not get free access to your product with their subscription.


You will get 70% commissions of the selling price.

Vendors do have the optional opportunity to participate offering their product for VIP Club members – however this  would be a discussed with the vendor privately. 

If you’ve already sold deals on other sites, expect your deal to be ready in 24-72 hours.

If you haven’t sold deals before it may take longer to get everything ready.