Example Support Post

In Freepik we’re more than happy to help you with your company projects, so we have special plans designed to satisfy your business needs.

Nevertheless, we would like to clarify that currently we don’t offer multiple users accounts, and that subscriptions can’t be shared.

If several of your company’s employees need access to a premium account, we’re glad to inform you that we can offer a special subscription discount for each.

With these plans, each employee can create an account and purchase a subscription with a special company discount.

These plans are only available for annual subscriptions.

If you’re interested, please contact us at support@freepik.com letting us know your company’s email domain, and how many employees would have one.

The discount will vary depending on the number of accounts you need:

– 40% for up to 5 new accounts;
– 45% from 6 to 10 new accounts;
– 50% over 10 new accounts.